Group Clothing Available Now From Bramble Designs. 

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Full length fleece

from £17.45


From £21.30

Polo shirts

From £10.85

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Hi-vis yellow vest

From £9.85

Adult baseball cap

From £9.90

Ordering information

All items on the website are available in a variety of colours and sizes, and come with an embroidered RoADAR Kent Drivers logo badge on the left/right breast.

The Hi vis-vest comes with the RoADAR Logo and group name on the back or on the left/right breast.

High Visibility Safety Jackets are available to EN 471 & EN 343 class 3 from £33.40.

Close up of RoADAR logo.


There will be an small extra charge if you require your name and title on the garment e.g. Tutor, Fred Smith etc.  

You can pay over the phone or they will send you an ivoice to be paid before goods are dispatched.

Just tell the sales department you are from RoSPA Kent Drivers and what your requiremnts are. 

Opening hours are:

Monday to Thursday 9-00 a.m to 5-00 p.m.

Fridays 9-00 a.m. to 3-00 p.m. 

All orders are subject to Postage and packaging


Tel: 0161 480 5455