About Us

The Kent Drivers Group of RoSPA Advanced Drivers is a small but committed group of like-minded people who wish to promote driver education and driver improvement.

Our aims are:

  • Encourage an interest in road safety
  • Improve driving standards
  • Enable drivers to pass RoSPA's Advanced Drivers Test
  • Attract new members
  • Give free advice and coaching to new associate members and existing members

The term 'Dangerous Road' is purely an invention of the media. There is no such thing. Roads can be poorly engineered and badly maintained. They can be subject to adverse weather but this isn't, in itself, dangerous. It is the road user that makes the highway environment dangerous. If everyone used the roads responsibly (to the Highway Code) a road collision would be national headline news, just like those involving aircraft. Are we just too blasé?

The Kent Drivers Group believes it is through ever improving standards of drivers, that the carnage on our roads will be dramatically reduced.

You will find that we operate in a friendly and informal atmosphere because that is how you can learn better, when relaxed.

The Kent Drivers Group offer coaching to only car drivers at present. It is hoped to include riders in the future. The nearest group offering rider tuition can be found on the main menu under "Riders"

We hold social events every month except August. We normally hold our meetings on the 2nd Thursday of the month. We also hold other events at weekends e.g. skidpan training.  

To see our programme of social events have a look at our Diary of Events tab on the menu.

Classes of membership.

The Kent Drivers group offer 3 classes of Membership;

Social Member - this class of membership is for people who have an interest in Road Safety and Driving but do not wish to undergo coaching to the RoSPA Advanced Drivers Test. This class of Membership is £20.00 per Year. 

Associate Member - this class of membership is for people who have an interest in Road Safety and Driving and wish to improve their driving skills and undergo free coaching to enable them to take the RoSPA Advanced Drivers Test.

Full Member- this class of membership is for people who have in interest in Road Safety and Driving and have already taken and passed the RoSPA ADvanced Drivers Test in the previous 3 years.

To enable you to be assessed and receive free coaching and work towards taking the RoSPA Advanced Driver Test you need to join the Kent Group. The present membership fee is £35.00 annually, a reduction is offered to those under 26 years of age (£20.00). Renewals for the second year is £30.00

We do not run any specific courses like other organisations. A member of the training team will give you a demonstration drive in their own car covering all aspects of advanced driving. You will then recieve a guide to what skills you need to work on to get you started.

You will be allocated an Approved Tutor when one becomes available. You will then work with your tutor on a 1:1 basis, until you reach the test standard. You may meet with your tutor by mutual agreement. There is no stipulation of how long it will take to get to the test standard. It depends on your ability and progress.

The tutors are all unpaid volunteers and will work with you to reach the Advanced Driver test standard. The group committee are also volunteers. They all give up their time free of charge to help you and others to improve your driving skills.

The RoSPA Advanced Drivers test costs £77.00 (effective from 1st July 2022). This fee includes your membership fee for National RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders. This covers a regular news- letter, access to the members forum on the ROADAR web site, Member Benefits including preferential rates and discounts with motoring organisations and much more. It also includes a free re-test every 3 years.

Upon passing your advanced test, you will automatically become a member of RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders!

Your first years' membership is included within your initial test fee, each of the following year's annual subscription will be £40.00 for cars. 

National RoSPA subscription fees are separate from any subscription fees paid to the Kent Group. To keep your national membership current, you will need to take your 3 yearly re-test. There is no extra cost, it is free as long as your subscription is kept up to date!

Keeping up the Kent Group membership as well you will continue to have access to all our social functions/events etc. and a free refresher before your re-test.

A print and post application form is available on our "Join Kent RoSPA Advanced Drivers "web page. Once we have received your application form, together with your cheque/payment, our membership secretary will send you a welcome letter and membership card.

If you have any questions regarding Membership please contact our Membership Secretary Ian Russell on the following e-mail: kentrospamembership@gmail.com

We look forward to welcoming you to the group.