Do you consider yourself a good driver? or is there room for improvement, polish your driving skills and work towards the RoSPA Advanced Driving Test. If you live in South East London or Kent and you want to improve your driving, you are in the right place.

So what benefits do you get.

  • Being in the right road position, at the correct speed, in the appropriate gear, reduces your chances of a collision, leading to safer and less stressful driving.
  • Driving smoothly reduces wear and tear on the vehicle resulting in less expence.
  • Keeping to the rules of the road could save you getting penalty points on your licence.
  • If you think it is time to gain the pride back in your driving, we hope you will join us. 
  • To join the Group will cost £35 for the first year

You will be given a demonstration drive, by a member of the training team that covers all aspects of Advanced Driving.

You will be assigned a tutor in your area, where you will have one to one coaching in Advanced Driving techniques. This will help you become a safer and more confident driver and prepare you for the RoSPA driving test, enabling you to reach the teast standard.  

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