The Training offered by the Kent Group will prepare you for the RoSPA Advanced Drivers Test.

Once you have joined the group you will receive a welcome letter with information that you need about the group. You will then be contacted by the Group Training Team and invited to attend an induction session. This is compulsory as it provides you with vital information on what is expected of you to achieve the driving standards required.

You will be assigned a tutor in your area, where you will have one to one coaching in Advanced Driving techniques.

The tutor will give you a demonstration drive and then assess your present driving skills. You will then work with your tutor, on a one to one basis, to bring you up to the test standard. 

The time it takes will very much depend on your ability, speed of learning, and commitment. Once your tutor thinks you are ready for the test you will be assessed by another tutor and if your driving is up to standard you will asked to apply for the test which is done on-line via the RoADAR web site. 

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